novembre 25, 2016

Botanical and agronomical traits

Maratelli is an historical variety of Italian rice production, developed in 1919 through the selection of Chinese Originario by Mr Mario Maratelli from Asigliano. Maratelli is a semi-early variety (15 days earlier than Chinese originario) which shows a medium-height, “semifino”, awnless pearl grain.

Maratelli shows a high seedling vegetative vigor, quite a good tiller index (7 fertile stems/plant), good cold tolerance at germination stage, medium cold tolerance at flowering stage.

Its high susceptibility to Pyricularia oryzae (Brusone) compromised its diffusion throughout rice growing areas.


Average height is 90-110 cm, strong and resistant to lodging.


Light green color.


Open, semi droopy attitude. Average length 20 cm, with 90-110 kernels per panicle.


Yellow colour, pigmented point and awnless.

Spikelet biometric data:

7,8 mm length and 3,7 mm width.

1000 kernel weight is 32, 2 gr.


White pericarp, pearl endosperm (lateral pearl and irregular shape).

Kernel biometric data: 5,6 mm length and 3,2 mm width.

1000 kernels weight is 24,1 gr.